Monday, 21 May 2012

Producers Markets in Le Dorat

Local Producers Markets in Le Dorat - dates confirmed for 2012!

La Maison Verte is located a few kilometers from a lovely little town called Le Dorat. Every summer they organise a number of evening markets for the local producers to sell their "goodies". It is a great event as everyone seems to flock there and the atmosphere is fantastic! The really nice thing is that you go there not just to shop but also to eat what is on offer. The town sets up a huge bbq area, lots of tables and chairs in the church square (in the sun, of course) and a huge bar selling bottles of local wine at ridiculously low prices. So you simply go and buy what you fancy eating and take it to the bbq area where a lovely Frenchman will cook it to your liking! How great is that? There are lots of stalls selling all sorts of meats, local Limousan beef - sirloin, rump, veal - there are stalls selling marinated magret du canard (duck breast)  - they are huge and delicious! We tried them last summer and we can highly recommend it! Then there is the french fries stall - lovely crispy "frites" cooked in duck fat of course (all part of a calorie controlled diet), salad bars, crepes stalls, ice cream, cheese stalls not to be forgotten.
There is live music to accompany everything and it is a thoroughly nice evening out!
Just what France is all about! Outdoor living, food, families, wine, accordion music - yep, it has it all...

The dates for 2012 are as follows: 28th June, 12th and 26th July and 9th and 23rd August.

Perfect start to a long weekend...

A bientot!

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