Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Springtime in France

Spring has sprung at La Maison Verte!

Just thought I would share some cheerful photos of some wonderful spring colours that we have at the moment. I missed the photo opportunity of all the blossom we had. This year the blossom only lasted a few days - last year we had the most magnificent blossom for well over a week so I thought that I had lots of time to capture it. I assume this means that we will not get many plums this year whereas we had tons of them last year? If anyone knows please let me know.

The Rhubarb is coming on very well. It got replanted a few weeks ago and is taking off like mad. We shall have lots of Rhubarb Crumbles!! With home made vanilla sauce..mmmm!

Last year we had some wonderful guests from Bicester (you know who you are!) staying with us and they just returned for a weeks holiday over Easter which was so nice. One day they returned from the market with some gorgeous Geraniums for us - how nice is that!? You can spot them on this picture - they have just been planted as hopefully we will not get any more frosts now and they look so pretty by the front door.

It is so lovely with the thought of a long, hot and sunny summer ahead of us. Lots of projects in the garden, swimming in the river, lots of BBQ's on the campfire and snoozes in the dappled shade of the cherry trees. Come on - join us! Our rates are very reasonable! (-:
Au Revoir!