Friday, 25 May 2012

Nature watch in France

French wildlife - we were just sitting out on our new veranda last night enjoying a wonderfully warm evening with a bit of food on the barbeque and a nice drop of wine when all of a sudden we spotted a little bundle making its way across the lawn. The bundle turned out to be a baby hedgehog coming out for a few juicy insects. How cute is this:

Look at those little tiny legs and snout!!!
Spot the Dog also spotted the bundle and was with a few sharp words made to stay in his basket. He was a quivering wreck with excitment but stayed put.
I had to get close to the baby hedgehog to take the photo and he just sat there and looked at me. Nature is truly a wonderful thing!

Here is our new veranda - it is just a fantastic place for outdoor living...

A bientot!

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