Friday, 2 March 2012

Medieval town of Montmorillon, France

The medieval town of Montmorillon is our local bigger town. This is a really beautiful place with 2 impressive cathedrals and 2 beautiful bridges over the river Gartempe, one of them goes back to medieval times. Montmorillon is known as "Le Cite de l'ecrit" which translates to "The Writers City" - this is due to the large number of both vintage and current bookshops, calligraphy studios and illustrators workshops which are all located in the old part of the town which is steeped in history. This part of town really comes alive in July and August and it is well worth a visit.
There is a restaurant which holds one Michelin star, Le Lucullus, and several other nice restaurants and bistros. Every Wednesday there is an adorable little market with local vegetables, meats, cheeses and lots of other stuff. It also boasts some really great gift and clothes shops.
Montmorillon is only 20 minutes drive from La Maison Verte so great for a morning or afternoon out.

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