Monday, 27 February 2012

Spot the Dog's life in France

Woof, woof!
Here I am in France.
I very much like warm blankets. I do feel the cold a lot. I know it is a bit "girly" but I can't help that I have very silky, thin fur. I also very much appreciate candles and flowers - you know, it just makes you feel good to have some nice things around you. I would have liked a bowl of chocolate pralines but apparently they are not good for, I can't see why not but this is what "they" tell me...

I don't like being on my own. Whenever "they" go out they tell me they will be back in a minute. Well, sometimes they are away for 2 or 3 minutes at least and I know they feel guilty when they get back because they often bring me left-overs from their lunch out. That's ok. When they are out I spend most of my time looking for them in the window. I see other things going on outside sometimes but I can't really concentrate on anything else than how many minutes it might be before they get back.

Here I am ready for my walk. I do get very good walks here in the new
country we live in. I think it's called Frince...or maybe Franse. It is just
miles and miles of woods and fields and I can chase deer and rabbits.
They always get away but I think they at least get a real fright which is
satisfying. Specially when I bark. I always like to get dressed up properly for walks in the winter. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation. The only thing that is a bit of a bother is having a wee in my fleece jacket, sometimes I can't help but wetting it a little and that is very, very unpleasant.....woof, woof!!


  1. how do they bark in Franze then?

    1. Sorry, Kit, I have not learnt much Frenz - I do know saucisse and promenade but I still bark in Englis. Spot the Dog x